Henry Rider Haggard

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Author's books in the library:

Allan's Wife (264kb)
Beatrice (590kb)
Child of Storm (491kb)
Cleopatra (532kb)
Dawn (1002kb)
Doctor Therne (256kb)
Elissa (283kb)
Eric Brighteyes (557kb)
Fair Margaret (551kb)
Finished (622kb)
Jess (584kb)
Long Odds (32kb)
Love Eternal (548kb)
Maiwa's Revenge (180kb)
Moon of Israel (451kb)
Morning Star (441kb)
Nada the Lily (592kb)
Pearl-Maiden (706kb)
Red Eve (518kb)
Regeneration (324kb)
She (598kb)
She and Allan (630kb)
The Brethren (674kb)
The Ghost Kings (639kb)
The Ivory Child (586kb)
The Wizard (313kb)
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