Honore de Balzac

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Author's books in the library:

A Second Home (145kb)
A Start in Life (329kb)
Adieu (85kb)
An Old Maid (277kb)
Beatrix (645kb)
Bureaucracy (433kb)
Colonel Chabert (131kb)
Cousin Betty (849kb)
Cousin Pons (618kb)
Eugenie Grandet (366kb)
Facino Cane (29kb)
Farewell (90kb)
Father Goriot (556kb)
Ferragus (249kb)
Gambara (127kb)
Gaudissart II (23kb)
Gobseck (123kb)
Honorine (164kb)
Juana (122kb)
La Grenadiere (51kb)
Massimilla Doni (168kb)
Modeste Mignon (522kb)
Paz (105kb)
Pierrette (287kb)
Sarrasine (75kb)
Seraphita (287kb)
The Alkahest (395kb)
The Celibates (1038kb)
The Chouans (602kb)
The Exiles (66kb)
The Hated Son (193kb)
The Magic Skin (532kb)
The Message (28kb)
The Purse (66kb)
The Recruit (31kb)
The Red Inn (72kb)
Ursula (455kb)
Vendetta (141kb)
Verdugo, El (22kb)
Z. Marcas (55kb)
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