A Collection of Old English Plays, Volume 2

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Excerpt (SCENE 1.)     Enter Don Pedro Gusman, Henrico and Manuell, his sons;    Don Fernando and Eleanora, his daughter, and Teniente. Pedr. Gentlemen, y'have much honourd me to takeSuch entertainement, but y'are welcome all.'Twas my desire to have your companyAt parting: heaven knowes when we shall meete againe. Ten. You are for France then too? Man. I wayte on my father. Pedr. Henrico. Ferd. Eleonora. Ten. But how chance, Manuell, your younger brother Is at the Goale before you? What, no Lady To please your eye? Man. I am notYet weary of my freedome. May HenricoMeete Joy in his Election: yet I know notOne I would sooner chuse to call a sisterThan Eleonora. Pedr. At my returne from France all things shall beeConsummate; in meane time let your owne hearts,Knitt with the strongest tye of love, be merryIn mutuall embraces, and let your prayersFill our departing sayles. Our stay will notBee long, and the necessity of my affairesUnwillingly doth take me from you. Hen. Though I could wish your stay, my duty bidds me Expect the enjoying of my happines Till your returne from France.—Your blessing. Eleo. How ever heaven dispose of Eleonora,Pray write me in your thoughts your humblest daughter,That shall make it a part of her devotionsTo pray for you. Fer. Well, sir, since your designe Pulls you away, may your good Angell guard you. Ten. The like wish I, Don Pedro. Fer. Manuell, I hope You will not long breath out of Spanish ayre. Farewell! Pedr. My thanks to all.—Stay! [Peeces dischargd. Fer. The Captaine of the Castle come to interpret That language to us? What newes? Enter Bustamente. Bust. Such as will make all Spaine dance in Canary. The Brasile fleete— Pedr. Arriv'd? Bust. Is putting into harbour, and aloud Calls for a Midwife: she is great with gold And longs to be delivered. Pedr. No he Spanyard Is not a true reioycer at the newes: Be't a good omen to our Journey. Ten. So we wish all. Pedr. May we at our returne meet no worse newes Then now at parting. My noble Don Fernando And Teniente, once more farewell, (my daughter, I hope) Eleonora, Henrico,—Nay, your good newes deserves a farewell. Bust. A soldier's farewell, a fast hand and heart; Good fate to both. [Ex. Pedr. and Man. Hen. Come, Elinor, let them discourse their Joyes For the safe fleete: in thee all my delights Embarke themselves. Bust. Tush, lett 'em come; our shippes have brought with them The newes of warre. Per. What is that, Gentlemen? Ten. I am speaking of a fleete of Enemyes. Per. From whence? Ten. From England. Fer. A castle in the ayre. Ten. Doe you not believe it? Fer. I heard such a report, But had no faith in't: a mere Potgun![5] Bust. Nay, sir,'Tis certaine there hath bene great preparation,If our Intelligence be true to us;And a mighty Navy threatens the sea. Fer. What's that to us?How long hath it bene a voyce they were at sea!I have ventured to discharge the soldiersWhich to keepe here in pay upon the rumourOf a great fleete a comming, would both pesterThe Towne and be unnecessary chargeTo the King our Master....
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