A Defective Santa Claus

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Excerpt A Defective Santa Claus Allus when our Pa he's away Nen Uncle Sidney comes to stay At our house here—so Ma an' me An' Etty an' Lee-Bob won't be Afeard ef anything at night Might happen—like Ma says it might. (Ef Trip wuz big, I bet you he 'Uz best watch-dog you ever see!) An' so last winter—ist before It's go' be Chris'mus-Day,—w'y, shore Enough, Pa had to haf to go To 'tend a lawsuit—"An' the snow Ist right fer Santy Claus!" Pa said, As he clumb in old Ayersuz' sled, An' said he's sorry he can't be With us that night—"'Cause," he-says-ee, "Old Santy might be comin' here— This very night of all the year     I' got to be away!—so all You kids must tell him—ef he call— He's mighty welcome, an' yer Pa He left his love with you an' Ma An' Uncle Sid!" An' clucked, an' leant Back, laughin'—an' away they went! An' Uncle wave' his hands an' yells "Yer old horse ort to have on bells!" But Pa yell back an' laugh an' say "I 'spect when Santy come this way It's time enough fer sleighbells nen!" An' holler back "Good-by!" again, An' reach out with the driver's whip An' cut behind an' drive back Trip. An' so all day it snowed an' snowed! An' Lee-Bob he ist watched the road,     In his high-chair; an' Etty she U'd play with Uncle Sid an' me— Like she wuz he'ppin' fetch in wood An' keepin' old fire goin' good, Where Ma she wuz a-cookin' there An' kitchen, too, an' ever'where! An' Uncle say, "'At's ist the way Yer Ma's b'en workin', night an' day, Sence she hain't big as Etty is Er Lee-Bob in that chair o' his!" Nen Ma she'd laugh 't what Uncle said, An' smack an' smoove his old bald head An' say "Clear out the way till I Can keep that pot from b'ilin' dry!" Nen Uncle, when she's gone back to The kitchen, says, "We ust to do     Some cookin' in the ashes.—Say, S'posin' we try some, thataway!" An' nen he send us to tell Ma Send two big 'taters in he saw Pa's b'en a-keepin' 'cause they got The premiun at the Fair. An' what You think?—He rake a grea'-big hole In the hot ashes, an' he roll Them old big 'taters in the place An' rake the coals back—an' his face Ist swettin' so's he purt'-nigh swear 'Cause it's so hot! An' when they're there 'Bout time 'at we fergit 'em, he Ist rake 'em out again—an' gee!— He bu'st 'em with his fist wite on A' old stove-led, while Etty's gone     To git the salt, an' butter, too— Ist like he said she haf to do, No matter what Ma say! An' so He salt an' butter 'em, an' blow 'Em cool enough fer us to eat— An' me-o-my! they're hard to beat! An' Trip 'ud ist lay there an' pant Like he'd laugh out loud, but he can't. Nen Uncle fill his pipe—an' we 'Ud he'p him light it—Sis an' me,— But mostly little Lee-Bob, 'cause "He's the best Lighter ever wuz!" Like Uncle telled him wunst when Lee- Bob cried an' jerked the light from me, He wuz so mad! So Uncle pat An' pet him. (Lee-Bob's ust to that—     'Cause he's the little-est, you know, An' allus has b'en humored so!) Nen Uncle gits the flat-arn out, An', while he's tellin' us all 'bout Old Chris'mus-times when he's a kid, He ist cracked hickernuts, he did, Till they's a crockful, mighty nigh...!
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