A Little Present for a Good Child

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Excerpt LITTLE PRESENT.   The Squirrel leaps from tree to tree.   The Hive doth hold the honey-bee.   The pretty Butterfly is seen,   When little girls trip o’er the green.   The Owl until the evening sleeps.   The Serpent on his belly creeps.   The Lion roars, the woods resound.   The raging Bull tears up the ground.   The Raven for his food doth cry.   The Eagle soars exceeding high.   Whilst the Plowman drives his Plow.   Betty milks the brindled Cow.   The Ship doth cross the foaming seas.   The Woodman fells the sturdy trees.   The pretty Lambs do skip and play.   The Fox conveys the fowls away.   The Cat destroys the rats and mice.   Thy Teacher gives thee good advice.   The Cock doth crow at break of day.   The Fish does in the river play.   The Swan delights o’er streams to glide.   And Joe and Billy take a ride.   The blushing Flowers bloom in the spring.   The Birds do in the bushes sing.   The Bible is the best of books.   Good Children all have modest looks.   In spring the Farmer sows his seed.   And Charley likes this book to read....  
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