ABC of Fox Hunting

#Nature #Horses
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Excerpt A. was Andrews my man, who was A.1. his art in. B. my Buckskins & Boots, ready for me to start in. C. The Cover-Hack, giving my Lord's drag the go by. D. The Slap up Dog-Cart, which the driver you know by. E. was the Earth-stopper, early and willing. F. were the Fox-hounds, so far famed for killing. G. was the Gorse-Cover, certain for foxes. H. were the Hunters, just fresh from their boxes. I. was the Inn-keeper, filling snobs' glasses. J. was the jumping lot taking the grasses. K. was the Keeper, all foxes the foe of. L. were the Little Boys, bound for the "throw off". M. was the Master, who gave the "View Holloa!" N. was the Nobody, craning to follow. O. was the Old Whipper-in, lifting tail hounds. P. was the Parson, ne'er known yet to fail hounds. Q. was the queer place, which puzzled the craners. R. was the Racing-pace, pumping complainers. S. was the Stile and ditch, we jumped in clover. T. was the tumble, which turned my Lord over. U. was the Upland, where we viewed the Fox in. V. was the very last field—just five frocks in. W. worry him, whoo whoop, can't Joe shout it. X. X.X. Who can go home without it? Y. were the Yeomen—each yarning his story. Z. was the Zany, all alone in his glory. Transcriber's Note Punctuation has been standardized....
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