Book of Hymns for Public and Private Devotion

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Excerpt Invitation. 1 Come to the house of prayer, O ye afflicted, come! The God of peace shall meet you there, He makes that house His home. 2 Come to the house of praise, Ye who are happy now; In sweet accord your voices raise, In kindred homage bow. 3 Ye aged, hither come, For ye have felt His love; Soon shall ye lift a holier song In fairer courts above. 4 Ye young, before His throne, Come, bow; your voices raise; Let not your hearts His praise disown, Who gives the power to praise. [26] 5 Thou, whose benignant eye In mercy looks on all; Who seest the tear of misery, And hear’st the mourner’s call; 6 Up to Thy dwelling-place Bear our frail spirits on, Till they outstrip time’s tardy pace, And heaven on earth be won. 2. P. M. H. Ware. Call to Prayer. 1 To prayer, to prayer!—for the morning breaks, And earth in her Maker’s smile awakes; His light is on all below and above, The light of gladness, and life, and love: O, then, on the breath of this early air, Send upward the incense of grateful prayer. 2 To prayer!—for the day that God has blest Comes tranquilly on with its solemn rest; It speaks of creation’s early bloom,— It speaks of the Prince who burst the tomb: Then summon the spirit’s exalted powers, And devote to heaven the hallowed hours. 3 Awake, awake, and gird up thy strength, To join Christ’s holy band at length; To Him who unceasing love displays, Whom the powers of nature unceasingly praise; To Him thy heart and thy hours be given, For a life of prayer is the life of heaven. [27] 3. S. M. *Watts. Cheerful Worship. 1 Come, ye who love the Lord! And let your joys be known; Join in a song with sweet accord, And thus surround His throne. 2 The sorrows of the mind Be banished from this place! Religion never was designed To make our pleasures less. 3 The sons of God have found That heaven begins below: Celestial fruits, on earthly ground, From faith and hope may grow. 4 Then let our sorrows cease, And every tear be dry; We’re travelling through the paths of peace To fairer worlds on high. 4. L. M. Anonymous. The House of God. 1 Be still! be still! for all around, On either hand, is holy ground: Here in His house, the Lord to-day Will listen, while His people pray. 2 Thou, tost upon the waves of care, Ready to sink with deep despair, Here ask relief, with heart sincere, And thou shalt find that God is here. [28] 3 Thou who hast laid within the grave Those whom thou hadst no power to save, Believe their spirits now are near, For angels wait while God is here. 4 Thou who hast dear ones far away, In foreign lands, ’mid ocean’s spray, Pray for them now, and dry the tear, And trust the God who listens here. 5 Thou who art mourning o’er thy sin, Deploring guilt that reigns within, The God of peace is ever near; The troubled spirit meets Him here. 5. 7s. M. Seeking God. 1 Thirsting for a living spring, Seeking for a higher home, Resting where our souls must cling, Trusting, hoping, Lord, we come. 2 Glorious hopes our spirit fill, When we feel that Thou art near: Father!...
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