Breaking Away or The Fortunes of a Student

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Excerpt CHAPTER I. IN WHICH ERNEST THORNTON INTRODUCES HIMSELF. "Ernest Thornton!" called Mr. Parasyte, the principal of the Parkville Liberal Institute, in a tone so stern and severe that it was impossible to mistake his meaning, or not to understand that a tempest was brewing. "Ernest Thornton!" As that was my name, I replied to the summons by rising, and exhibiting my full length to all the boys assembled in the school-room—about one hundred in number. "Ernest Thornton!" repeated Mr. Parasyte, not satisfied with the demonstration I had made. "Sir!" I replied, in a round, full, square tone, which was intended to convince the principal that I was ready to "face the music." "Ernest Thornton, I am informed that you have been engaged in a fight," he continued, in a tone a little less sharp than that with which he had pronounced my name; and I had the vanity to believe that the square tone in which I had uttered the single word I had been called upon to speak had produced a salutary impression upon him. "I haven't been engaged in any fight, sir," I replied, with all the dignity becoming a boy of fourteen. "Sir! what do you mean by denying it?" added Mr. Parasyte, working himself up into a magnificent mood, which was intended to crush me by its very majesty—but it didn't. "I have not engaged in any fight, sir," I repeated, with as much decision as the case seemed to require. "Didn't you strike William Poodles?" demanded he, fiercely. "Yes, sir, I did. Bill Poodles hit me in the head, and I knocked him over in self-defence—that was all, sir." "Don't you call that a fight, sir?" said Mr. Parasyte, knitting his brows, and looking savage enough to swallow me. "No, sir; I do not. I couldn't stand still and let him pound me." "You irritated him in the beginning, and provoked him to strike the blow. I hold you responsible for the fight." "I had no intention to irritate him, and I did not wish to provoke him." "I hold you responsible for the fight, Thornton," said the principal again. I supposed he would, for Poodles was the son of a very wealthy and aristocratic merchant in the city of New York, while I belonged to what the principal regarded as an inferior order of society. At least twenty boys in the Parkville Liberal Institute came upon the recommendation of Poodle's father, while not a single one had been lured into these classic shades by the influence of my family—if I could be said to belong to any family. Besides, I was but a day scholar, and my uncle paid only tuition bills for me, while most of the pupils were boarders at the Institute. I am writing of events which took place years ago, but I have seen no reason to change the opinion then formed, that Mr. Parasyte, the principal, was a "toady" of the first water; that he was a narrow-minded, partial man, in whom the principle of justice had never been developed. He was a good teacher, an excellent teacher; by which I mean only to say that he had a rare skill and tact for imparting knowledge, the mere dry bones of art, science, and philosophy....
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