Captain Sword and Captain Pen A Poem

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Excerpt ADVERTISEMENT. This Poem is the result of a sense of duty, which has taken the Author from quieter studies during a great public crisis. He obeyed the impulse with joy, because it took the shape of verse; but with more pain, on some accounts, than he chooses to express. However, he has done what he conceived himself bound to do; and if every zealous lover of his species were to express his feelings in like manner, to the best of his ability, individual opinions, little in themselves, would soon amount to an overwhelming authority, and hasten the day of reason and beneficence. The measure is regular with an irregular aspect,—four accents in a verse,—like that of Christabel, or some of the poems of Sir Walter Scott: Càptain Swòrd got ùp one dày—And the flàg full of hònour, as thòugh it could feèl— He mentions this, not, of course, for readers in general, but for the sake of those daily acceders to the list of the reading public, whose knowledge of books is not yet equal to their love of them.   STEPPING IN MUSIC AND THUNDER SWEET,WHICH HIS DRUMS SENT BEFORE HIM INTO THE STREET.  CAPTAIN SWORD AND CAPTAIN PEN. I. How Captain Sword marched to War. Captain Sword got up one day,Over the hills to march away,Over the hills and through the towns,They heard him coming across the downs,Stepping in music and thunder sweet,Which his drums sent before him into the street.And lo! 'twas a beautiful sight in the sun;For first came his foot, all marching like one,With tranquil faces, and bristling steel,And the flag full of honour as though it could feel,And the officers gentle, the sword that hold'Gainst the shoulder heavy with trembling gold,And the massy tread, that in passing is heard,Though the drums and the music say never a word.And then came his horse, a clustering soundOf shapely potency, forward bound,Glossy black steeds, and riders tall,Rank after rank, each looking like all,Midst moving repose and a threatening charm,With mortal sharpness at each right arm,And hues that painters and ladies love,And ever the small flag blush'd above.And ever and anon the kettle-drums beatHasty power midst order meet;And ever and anon the drums and fifesCame like motion's voice, and life's;Or into the golden grandeurs fellOf deeper instruments, mingling well,Burdens of beauty for winds to bear;And the cymbals kiss'd in the shining air,And the trumpets their visible voices rear'd,Each looking forth with its tapestried beard,Bidding the heavens and earth make wayFor Captain Sword and his battle-array.He, nevertheless, rode indifferent-eyed,As if pomp were a toy to his manly pride,Whilst the ladies lov'd him the more for his scorn,And thought him the noblest man ever was born,And tears came into the bravest eyes,And hearts swell'd after him double their size,And all that was weak, and all that was strong,Seem'd to think wrong's self in him could not be wrong;Such love, though with bosom about to be gored,Did sympathy get for brave Captain Sword....
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