Collected Poems Volume One

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Excerpt THE LOOM OF YEARS In the light of the silent stars that shine on the struggling sea,In the weary cry of the wind and the whisper of flower and tree,Under the breath of laughter, deep in the tide of tears,I hear the Loom of the Weaver that weaves the Web of Years. The leaves of the winter wither and sink in the forest mouldTo colour the flowers of April with purple and white and gold:Light and scent and music die and are born againIn the heart of a grey-haired woman who wakes in a world of pain. The hound, the fawn and the hawk, and the doves that croon and coo,We are all one woof of the weaving and the one warp threads us through,One flying cloud on the shuttle that carries our hopes and fearsAs it goes thro' the Loom of the Weaver that weaves the Web of Years. The crosiers of the fern, and the crown, the crown of the rose,Pass with our hearts to the Silence where the wings of music close,Pass and pass to the Timeless that never a moment mars,Pass and pass to the Darkness that made the suns and stars. Has the soul gone out in the Darkness? Is the dust sealed from sight?Ah, hush, for the woof of the ages returns thro' the warp of the night!Never that shuttle loses one thread of our hopes and fears,As It comes thro' the Loom of the Weaver that weaves the Web of Years. O, woven in one wide Loom thro' the throbbing weft of the whole,One in spirit and flesh, one in body and soul,The leaf on the winds of autumn, the bird in its hour to die,The heart in its muffled anguish, the sea in its mournful cry, One with the flower of a day, one with the withered moon,One with the granite mountains that melt into the noon,One with the dream that triumphs beyond the light of the spheres,We come from the Loom of the Weaver that weaves the Web of Years. IN THE HEART OF THE WOODS I The Heart of the woods, I hear it, beating, beating afar,In the glamour and gloom of the night, in the light of the rosy star,In the cold sweet voice of the bird, in the throb of the flower-soft sea!...For the Heart of the woods is the Heart of the world and the Heart of Eternity,Ay, and the burning passionate Heart of the heart in you and me. Love of my heart, love of the world, linking the golden moonWith the flowery moths that flutter thro' the scented leaves of June, And the mind of man with beauty, and youth with the dreaming nightOf stars and flowers and waters and breasts of glimmering white,And streaming hair of fragrant dusk and flying limbs of lovely light; Life of me, life of me, shining in sun and cloud and wind,In the dark eyes of the fawn and the eyes of the hound behind,In the leaves that lie in the seed unsown, and the dream of the babe unborn,O, flaming tides of my blood, as you flow thro' flower and root and thorn,I feel you burning the boughs of night to kindle the fires of morn. Soul of me, soul of me, yearning wherever a lavrock sings,Or the crimson gloom is winnowed by the whirr of wood-doves' wings,Or the spray of the foam-bow rustles in the white dawn of the moon,And mournful billows moan aloud, Come soon, soon, soon,Come soon, O Death with the Heart of love and the secret of the rune....
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