Dame Wonder's Picture Alphabet Amusing Alphabet, Dame Wonder's Series.

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Excerpt A stands for an Archer, B for his Bow; C the Crow that he shot at;—and D for his Dog.   E stands for an Ensign, F for a Flag, and a Fort: G stands for a Goat;—and H for a Horse.   I stands for an Italian, J for a Jug, and for Jane: K stands for a Kite:—and L for a Lobster.   M stands for Mary, N for the Numbers she wrote; O stands for an Owl:—and P for a pretty Parrot.   Q stands for a Queen, R for the Rose in her hand: S for the Sword of State, T the Throne, and the Table.   U stands for Uncle, V for Violin, W for Windmill, and X for number ten Y stands for a Yacht, (or Yot,)—and Z for a Zebra. McLOUGHLIN BROTHERS,Manufacturers of Toy Books, Games, &c., &c.,30 BEEKMAN STREET, N. Y. Aunt Mary’s Series.—Mam. Toys. Aunt Effie’s Rhymes. Mother Goose’s Rhymes. Child’s First Book--The best A B C Book made. Little Sailor Boy. The Prince and the Outlaw. Sad Fate of Poor Robin. Little Red Riding Hood. Jack and the Bean Stalk. Aladin and his Wonderful Lamp. Ali Baba, or the Forty Thieves. Beauty and the Beast. Little Frog’s Lecture and Other Tales. 12 cts. each.—Same Series, plain, with Colored Cover. NEW EDITIONLITTLE BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ LIBRARY. Good Little Boys’ Book. Good Little Girls’ Book. Spring Flowers. A Gift to Young Friends. The Happy Change. Three Baskets. Short Tales in Short Words. Brother and Sister. The Countries of Europe. Book of Fables. Unckle Bunckle Stories. One Hundred Stories and Fables. Aunt Oddamadodd’s Series. Little Miss Consequence. True Story of the Spoilt Frock. Naughty Boys. Naughty Girls. Little Heads and Little Hearts. Funny Physic and Funny Pictures. Comic Crumbs to Feed Little Ones. Comical Pictures and Serious Stories. Funny Pictures, Food, and Fingers. One, Two, Buckle my Shoe. Silver Sixpence. Foolish Boys and Girls. Pleasure Books for Children. The Charmed Fawn. Story of Hans in Luck. The Three Bears. The Ugly Little Duck. Rip Van Winkle. Goody Two Shoes. Old Dame and Her Silver Sixpence. Wedding of Cock Robin. House that Jack Built. Life and Death of Jenny Wren. Little Man and Little Maid. The Fox and the Geese. Aunt Fanny’s Fairy Tales. Fair One with Golden Locks. The White Cat. Princess Rosetta. The Yellow Dwarf. Blue Bird. Riddle Book. Puss in Boots. Gulliver’s Travels. Jack, The Giant Killer. Reineke, the Fox. Blue Beard. Mother Goose. AUNT MAVOR’S SERIES. Old King Cole. The Tailor and the Carrion Crow. Simple Simon. Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son. Little Bo-peep. Sing a Song of Sixpence. Mother Goose and Her Son Jack. The Frog He Would A Wooing Go. Little Woman and the Pedlar. Robin Redbreast and Jenny Wren. Picture Alphabet. MAMMA LOVECHILD’S SERIES. Three Tiny Pigs. Three Little Kittens. Cock Robin. Mother Hubbard. New Nursery Rhymes. Cocky Locky and Henny Penny. Miss Merryheart’s Series. Little Goody Two Shoes. Little Red Riding Hood. Robinson Crusoe. Robin Hood. Blue Beard. Jack, The Giant Killer. SIX STORIES—By Mrs. Elliot. Beauty But Skin Deep. The Little Mimic. The Lost Chicken....
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