Eight Illustrations to Shakespeare's Tempest Designed by Walter Crane

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Excerpt WALTER CRANE 1893 See handwritten text Mr Dallas's reproductions of my pen drawings for this work appear to me to be very faithful & successful in preserving the touch & general character of the originals.   I have to certify that I have printed 650 copies of each of these eight subjects designed by Walter Crane, and engraved in Dallastype Facsimile by myself. Six Hundred Copies are for sale, viz.:—400 for the United Kingdom and 200 for America. This Copy is No. 417, and I certify that since printing the above number the Plates have been destroyed.       THE TEMPEST Prospero.—By accident most bountiful Fortune, now my dear lady, hath mine enemies brought to this shore. Act 1. Scene II.   THE TEMPEST The Dance of the Nymphs and the Reapers. Act 4. Scene I.   THE TEMPEST A noise of hunters is heard. Enter divers spirits in the shape of hounds, and hunt them about: Prospero and Ariel setting them on. Act 4. Scene I.   THE TEMPEST Miranda.—If you'll sit down I'll bear your logs the while. Pray give me that, I'll carry it to the pile. Act 3. Scene I.   THE TEMPEST Boatswain.—Hence! what care these roarers for the name of king? Act 1. Scene I.   THE TEMPEST Ferdinand.—Most sure, the goddess on whom these airs attend. Act 1. Scene II.   THE TEMPEST Caliban.—As I told thee before, I am subject to a tyrant, a sorcerer. Act 3. Scene II.   THE TEMPEST Miranda.—Sweet lord, you play me false. Ferdinand.—No, my dearest love, I would not for the world. Act 5. Scene I....
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