Harper's Young People, June 22, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly

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Excerpt BABY, BEE, AND BUTTERFLY. BY MARY D. BRINE.   aby, Bee, and Butterfly,Underneath the summer sky.Baby, bees, and birds together,Happy in the pleasant weather;Sunshine over all around,In the sky, and on the ground;Hiding, too, in Baby's eyes,As he looks in mute surpriseAt the sunbeams tumbling overMerrily amid the clover,Where the bees, at work all day,Never find the time for play.Happy little baby boy!Tiny heart all full of joy;Loving everything on earth,As love welcomed him at birth;Ever learning new delights,Ever seeing pleasant sights;Taking each day one step moreThan he ever took before.Shine out, sunbeams, warm and bright,Lengthen daytime, shorten night,Till so wise he grows that heSpells baby with a great big B. AN AMERICAN SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. BY M. LOCKWOOD. One hundred and twenty years ago there lived a plain, honest farmer in the beautiful town of Woodstock, in the province of Connecticut, by the name of Eaton. He belonged to the fine, intelligent New England stock, and did his duty like a man in the state of life to which God had been pleased to call him, working on his farm in summer, and teaching school in winter; for he needed all he could earn to put bread in the mouths of his thirteen children, who were taught early to help themselves, after the fashion of their stalwart Anglo-Saxon forefathers. One of Farmer Eaton's boys, named William, was born February 23, 1764, and was a high-spirited, clever, reckless little chap, keeping his mother continually in a state of anxiety on his account; indeed, if she had not been so used to boys with their pranks and unlimited thirst for adventures, I think Bill would have been the death of her, for she never knew what he would be about next. For all his love of sport and out-door amusement, the boy was so fond of reading that he nearly always managed to conceal a book in his pocket when he went out to work in the fields or woods, and often, when left alone, or when his companions stopped for rest or meals, Bill would steal time to read. When his elders caught him at it he would often get soundly scolded for not being better employed, but the very next chance he would be at it again. One Sunday, when he was ten years old, he was returning from church, and passing a tree laden with tempting red cherries, climbed up in his usual reckless fashion to help himself; but either the branch broke or he lost his footing, for he fell to the ground with such violence that he dislocated his shoulder, besides being so stunned that he lay senseless for several days after he was picked up and carried home. The neighbors came in to offer their services when they heard of the accident, for though they no doubt shook their heads and remarked, "I told you so," "I knew how it would be," they were, all the same, very kind to the poor little chap who lay there, white and death-like, for so many long hours. A neighbor, who was a tanner by trade, was sitting by his bed when at last he opened his eyes. I suppose the tanner was glad enough to see the boy come to life again; but all he said was, "Do you love cherries, Bill?" "Do you love hides?" spoke up Bill, as quick as a flash. You see, he came to the full possession of his senses at once after his long sleep, and wasn't going to let himself be taken at a disadvantage by any tanner in the land. When Eaton was twelve our country declared itself free and independent, and all true patriots rose up to defend, by sword or whatever other means was in their power, the sacred cause of liberty. Our young friend Bill fairly burned with desire to go off and do something great. His soul was on fire with patriotic ardor. How could he stay quietly in Woodstock, and lead a humdrum life, when the soldiers of the tyrant were threatening all the Americans held most dear?...
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