No Animal Food and Nutrition and Diet with Vegetable Recipes

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Excerpt PREFACE The title of this book is not ambiguous, but as it relates to a subject rarely thought about by the generality of people, it may save some misapprehension if at once it is plainly stated that the following pages are in vindication of a dietary consisting wholly of products of the vegetable kingdom, and which therefore excludes not only flesh, fish, and fowl, but milk and eggs and products manufactured therefrom. The Author. This work is reprinted from the English edition with changes better adapting it to the American reader. The Publishers. MAN'S FOOD Health and happiness are within reach of those who provide themselves with good food, clean water, fresh air, and exercise. A ceaseless and relentless hand is laid on almost every animal to provide food for human beings. Nothing that lives or grows is missed by man in his search for food to satisfy his appetite. Natural appetite is satisfied with vegetable food, the basis for highest and best health and development. History of primitive man we know, but the possibilities of perfected and complete man are not yet attained. Adequate and pleasant food comes to us from the soil direct, favorable for health, and a preventive against disease. Plant food is man's natural diet; ample, suitable, and available; obtainable with least labor and expense, and in pleasing form and variety. Animal food will be useful in emergency, also at other times; still, plant substance is more favorable to health, endurance, and power of mind. Variety of food is desirable and natural; it is abundantly supplied by the growth of the soil under cultivation. Races of intelligence and strength are to be found subsisting and thriving on an exclusive plant grown diet. The health and patience of vegetarians meet the social, mental and physical tests of life with less disease, and less risk of dependence in old age. Meat eaters have no advantages which do not belong also to those whose food is vegetable. Plant food, the principal diet of the world, has one serious drawback; it is not always savory, or palatable. Plant diet to be savory requires fat, or oil, to be added to it; nuts, peanut, and olive oil, supply it to the best advantage. Plant diet with butter, cream, milk, cheese, eggs, lard, fat, suet, or tallow added to it, is not vegetarian; it is mixed diet; the same in effect as if meat were used.—Elmer Lee, M.D., Editor, Health Culture Magazine. CONTENTS     PAGENo Animal FoodI —THE URGENCY OF THE SUBJECT II —PHYSICAL CONSIDERATIONS III —ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS IV —THE ÆSTHETIC POINT OF VIEW V —ECONOMICAL CONSIDERATIONS VI —THE EXCLUSION OF DAIRY PRODUCE VII —CONCLUSION Nutrition and DietI —SCIENCE OF NUTRITION II —WHAT TO EAT III —WHEN TO EAT IV —HOW TO EAT Food Table Recipes NO ANIMAL FOOD I URGENCY OF THE SUBJECT Outside of those who have had the good fortune to be educated to an understanding of a rational science of dietetics, very few people indeed have any notion whatever of the fundamental principles of nutrition and diet, and are therefore unable to form any sound opinion as to the merits or demerits of any particular system of dietetic reform. Unfortunately many of those who do realise the intimate connection between diet and both physical and mental health, are not, generally speaking, sufficiently philosophical to base their views upon a secure foundation and logically reason out the whole problem for themselves. Briefly, the pleas usually advanced on behalf of the vegetable regimen are as follows: It is claimed to be healthier than the customary flesh diet; it is claimed for various reasons to be more pleasant; it is claimed to be more economical; it is claimed to be less trouble; it is claimed to be more humane....
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