Notes and Queries, Index of Volume 1, November, 1849-May, 1850 A Medium of Inter-Communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.

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Excerpt A. Abbey of St. Wandrille, 382. 486.Abdication of James II., 39. 489.Aberdeen, Burnet prize at, 91.Aboriginal chambers near Tilbury, 462.A.(B) on emancipation of the Jews, 475.Accuracy of references, 170.Addison's books, 212.Adolphus on a recent novel, 231.Advent bells, 121.Adversaria, 73. 86.Aelfric's colloquy, 168. 197. 232. 248. 278.Aelian, translation of, 267. 284.A.(F.R.) on Sterne's Koran, 418.—— on a passage in Goldsmith, 83.—— Queen of Hearts, 320.Agricola (C.), Propugnaculum anti-Pistorianum, 203.A.(J.D.) on swords worn in public, 415.Alban's (St.) Day, 399.—— law courts at, 366.Albert (Le Petit), 474.Alchemy, metrical writings on, 60.Alexandria (Ptolemy of), 142. 170.Alfred's (King) geography of Europe, 257. 313.—— works, 93.Alicui on Becket's grace-cup, 143.—— on Bishop Barnaby, 132.All Angels and St. Michael's, feast of, 235."All-to-broke," 490.Allusion in Friar Brackley's sermon, 351.Almanack (Poor Robin's), 470.Alms-basins, ancient, inscription on, 44. 52. 171.Alms-dishes, ancient inscribed, 87. 117. 135. 254.Alpha on the origin of slang phrases, 185.Alsop (Anthony), 215. 219.Alythes on Belvoir Castle, 246.America known to the Ancients, 542.—— Madoc's emigration to, 12. 56. 57. 58. 236. 282.American aborigines, why called Indians? 254. 491.—— bittern, 352.—— Lady, memoirs of, 335.—— reprints of old books, 209.—— stamp act; Lord Chatham's speech on, 12. 290.Ames, new edition of Herbert's, 8.—— by Herbert and Dibdin, 38.Ancient alms-basins, 171.—— armour (Meyrick's), error in, 342.—— inscribed alms dish, 87. 117. 135.—— motto, 93.—— MS. account of Britain, 174.—— tiles, 173.Andrews (H.) on Burnet prize at Aberdeen, 91.André (Petit) on Welsh ambassador, 283.Anecdotes of books, 73.Anecdote of the civil wars, 93.—— of a peal of bells, 382.Angels' visits, 102.Anglo-Cambrian on history of landed and commercial policy, and history of Edward II., 59.—— on Madoc's expedition to America, 57.Anglo-Saxon "Lay of the Phoenix," 203.—— MS. of Orosius, 371.—— word "unlaid." 430.Anglo-Saxons, devices and standards of, 216.Annotators, anonymous, identity of, 213.Annus Trabeatiouis, 105. 252.Anonymous Ravennas, date of, 124. 220. 368.Antholin's, (St.,) 189. 260.Antiquarius on Queen Elizabeth's domestic establishment, 41.Antinephelegesita on Boduc, 232.A or An before words beginning with a vowel, 350. 467.Apocrypha, 401.Apposition, 384.A.(P.R.) on yeoman, 440.Arabic numerals and cipher, 230. 279. 358. 367. 433. 435.Archaeology, mathematical, 132.Archaeus on "Under the rose," 214.—— on Gray's elegy, 389.Architecture, glossary of terms, 189.—— introduction to the study of Gothic, 189.Armada, poem on, 12. 18.Armagh, etymology of, 158. 219. 264.A.(R.), "My mind to me a kingdom is," 489.—— on all-to-broke, 490.—— on Dr. Strode's poem, 490.—— on Wotton's poem to Lord Bacon, 489.Arun on autograph mottoes of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and Harry, Duke of Buckingham, 252....
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