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Excerpt FORM I A. Selections from The Ontario Readers B. Supplementary Reading and Memorization: Selection may be made from the following: I. To be Read to Pupils: 1. Nursery Rhymes: Sing a Song of Sixpence; I Saw a Ship a-Sailing; Who Killed Cock Robin; Simple Simon; Mary's Lamb, etc.Consult Verse and Prose for Beginners in Reading; Riverside Literature Series, No. 59, 15 cents. 2. Fairy Stories: Briar Rose, Snow-white and Rose-red—Grimm; The Ugly Duckling—Andersen; Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood—Perrault; Beauty and the Beast—Madame de Villeneuve; The Wonderful Lamp—Arabian Nights' Entertainments.Consult Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know, by H. W. Mabie. Grosset & Dunlap, 50c. 3. Folk Stories: Whittington and His Cat; The Three Bears. 4. Fables: Selections from Æsop and La Fontaine.Consult Fables and Folk Stories, by Scudder, Parts I and II; Riverside Literature Series, Nos. 47, 48, 15 cents each. II. To be Read by Pupils: Fables and Folk Stories—Scudder; A Child's Garden of Verses (First Part)—Stevenson; Readers of a similar grade. III. To be Memorized by Pupils: 1. Memory Gems: Specimens of these may be found in the Public School Manuals on Primary Reading and Literature. 2. From the Readers: Morning Hymn; Evening Prayer; The Swing; What I Should Do; Alice. FORM II A. Selections from Second Reader B. Supplementary Reading and Memorization: Selection may be made from the following: I. To be Read to Pupils: 1. Narrative Poems: John Gilpin—Cowper; Lucy Gray—Wordsworth; Wreck of the Hesperus—Longfellow; Pied Piper of Hamelin—Browning; May Queen—Tennyson; etc.Consult The Children's Garland, Patmore. The Macmillan Co., 35 cents. 2. Nature Stories: Wild Animals I Have Known, Lives of the Hunted—Thompson-Seton; The Watchers of the Trails—Roberts. 3. Fairy Stories: Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know—H. W. Mabie. 4. Other Stories: Selections from the Wonder Book—Hawthorne; Jungle Book—Kipling; Gulliver's Travels—Swift; Alice in Wonderland—Carroll; Robinson Crusoe—Defoe; The Hall of Heroes—Royal Treasury of Story and Song, Part III, Nelson & Sons. II. To be Read by Pupils: A Child's Garden of Verses—Stevenson; The Seven Little Sisters—Jane Andrews; Fifty Famous Stories Retold—Baldwin. III. To be memorized by Pupils: (A minimum of six lines a week) From the Reader: A Wake-up Song; Love; The Land of Nod; One, Two, Three; March; Abide with Me; The New Moon; The Song for Little May; The Lord is my Shepherd; Lullaby—Tennyson; Indian Summer; proverbs, maxims, and short extracts found at the bottom of the page in the Readers. FORM III A. Selections from Third Reader B. Supplementary Reading and Memorization: Selection may be made from the following: The King of the Golden River—Ruskin; Tanglewood Tales—Hawthorne; The Heroes—Kingsley; Adventures of Ulysses—Lamb; Squirrels and Other Fur-bearers—Burroughs; Ten Little Boys who Lived on the Road from Long Ago till Now—Jane Andrews; Hiawatha—Longfellow; Rip Van Winkle—Irving; Water Babies—Kingsley....
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