Social Life or, The Manners and Customs of Polite Society

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Excerpt PREFACE. HERE is much truth and force in the old saying, that "Manners make the man." All persons should know how to appear to the best advantage in polite society. This very attractive volume furnishes rules of etiquette for all occasions, and is a complete guide for daily use in all matters pertaining to social intercourse. The first department treats of . The rules given under this head are those constantly observed in the best society. The same is equally true of all the instructions throughout the book, which is the most complete work on this subject ever issued. The next department treats of the very important . It has been said, with truth, that "a good talker is always a social success." The reader is here taught how to converse agreeably and with ease. To be a bright, witty, interesting talker, is a most charming accomplishment. This volume is a help in this respect, the value of which cannot be overestimated. and are next treated, and all the perplexing questions which they occasion are fully answered. With this very comprehensive volume at hand, no person will be guilty of blunders and humiliating mistakes. , , form another topic. The work furnishes full information and is authority upon all matters of social etiquette. All young persons, and some older ones, are deeply interested in the , . These subjects are treated in a manner at once practical and instructive. The usages of the best society in giving , , , , , etc., are minutely described. Also, and . With this volume in the home, parents can easily teach the young polite and winning manners. form a department that is bright and sparkling. The dark side of life is not overlooked, forming a separate topic. How the young lady should "come out" is stated in full, with invaluable instructions to her parents and herself. Then we come to , followed by that of , etc. receives full attention. Here are Hints for Travelers, for Hostess and Guest, and , , etc. is described and all the proper titles for professional and public men are given. The receives exhaustive treatment, and the rules to be observed by those who would dress tastefully are very complete. They who are well dressed have already made a favorable impression upon others. Suggestions and rules upon this subject are important to all who would shine in social life. makes constant demands upon nearly all persons, yet its difficulties are perplexing. Here are plain directions upon this subject, which should be studied and followed by all who would succeed in the great art of elegant correspondence. It is essential often to have the best , happily expressed, choice in the use of words and easy and correct in grammatical construction. are fully treated, showing how to have a pretty, tasteful and inviting home at least expense....
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