The Assemble of Goddes

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Excerpt P. DUJARDIN Here foloweth the Interpretacoin of the namesof goddes and goddesses as is rehercedin this tretyse folowynge as Poetes wryte   ¶ Phebus is as moche to saye as the Sonne.¶ Apollo is the same or elles God of syght.¶ Morpleus                      Shewer of dremis¶ Pluto God of hell.¶ Mynos Iuge of hell.¶ Cerberus Porter of hell.¶ Colus the wynde or God of the Eyre.¶ Dyana Goddesse of wode and chase.¶ Phebe the Mone or Goddesse of waters.Aurora Goddes of the morow or spryng of the daye¶ Mars God of batyll¶ Iupiter God of wysdom.¶ Iuno Goddesse of rychesse¶ Saturne God of colde.¶ Ceres Goddesse of corne.¶ Cupydo God of loue.¶ Othea Goddesse of wysdome.¶ Fortune The varyant Goddesse¶ Pan God shepherdes.¶ Isys Goddesse of frute.¶ Neptunus God of the se.¶ Mynerue Goddes of the batail or of heruest¶ Bachus God of wyne.¶ Mercuryus God of langage.¶ Venus Goddesse of loue.¶ Dyscorde Goddes of debate & stryffe¶ Attropos Dethe¶ Here endeth the interpretacyon of the namesof Goddes & Goddesses as is reherced in thetreatyse folowynge as poetes wryte.     han Phebus the crabbe had nere his cours ronneAnd toward the Leon his Iourney gan takeTo loke on Pyctagoras spere / I had begonne¶ Syttyng all solytary allone besyde a lake.¶ Musyng on a maner how that I myght make.¶ Reason and sensualyte in one to accorde.¶ But I coude not bryng about the manacorde. ¶ For longe er I myght slepe me gan oppres¶ So ponderously I coud make none obstacle¶ In myne hede was fall suche an heuinesse.¶ I was fayne to drawe to myne habytacle.¶ To rowne with a pylow me semyd best tryacle.¶ So leyde I me downe my dysease to releue.¶ Anone cam in Morpleus & toke me by the sleue ¶ And as I soo laye halfe in a traunse¶ Twene slepyng & wakyng he bad me aryse.¶ For he sayd I must yeue attendaunce.¶ To the grete Courte of Mynes the Iustyse.¶ Me nought auayled ayene hym to sylogyse.¶ For hit is oft sayd by hem that yet lyues.¶ He must nedes go that the deuell dryues. ¶ Whan I see noo better but I must go.¶ I sayd I was redy at his commaundement.¶ Wheder that he wolde me lede to or fro. ¶ Soo vp I arose and forth with hym went.¶ Tyll he had me brought to the parlament.¶ Where Pluto sate and kepte is estate.¶ And with hym Mynos the Iuge desperate. ¶ But as we thyderwarde went by the way.¶ I hym besought his name me to tell.¶ Morpleus he sayde thou me call may.¶ A syr sayde I than where do ye dwell.¶ In heuen or in erthe eyther elles in hell.¶ Nay he sayde myn abydyng most commonly¶ Is in a lytyll corner called fantasy. ¶ And as sone as he thyse wordes had sayd.¶ Cerberus the porter of hell with his cheyne.¶ Brought theder Colus in ragges euyll arayd¶ Agayn whom Neptunus & Dyana dyd compleynt¶ Saynge thus O Mynos thou Iuge souerayn.¶ Gyue thy cruel iugement ayen this traytour so¶ That we may haue cause to preyse thy lord Pluto ¶ Then was there made a proclamacyon....
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