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Excerpt THE LADDER TO LEARNING BY MISS LOVECHILD. MARKS' EDITION. 1852 AlbanyPublished by R. H. Pease516 Broadway     a A stands for Ape, for Arthur, and Air.   b B stands for Bullock, for Bird, and for Bear.   c C stands for Cat, for Charles, and for cry.   d D stands for Dog, for Daniel, and Dry.   e E stands for Eagle, for Edward, and Eel.   f F stands for Fish, for Francis, and Feel.   g G stands for Goat, for Great, and for Good.   h H stands for Hog, for Harry, and Hood.   j J stands for Judge, for Jack, and for Jill.   k K stands for King, for Kate, and for Kill.   l L stands for Lion, for Lawyer, and Land.   m M stands for Magpie, for Martha, and Mend.   n N stands for Nag, for Nanny, and Notes.   o O stands for Owl, for Orchard, and Oats.   p P stands for Peacock, for Prince, and for Pay.   q Q stands for Queen, for Quick, and for Quay.   r R stands for Robbin, for Reason, and Rhyme.   s S stands for Squirrel, for Sweet, and Sublime.   t T stands for Top, for Tea, and for Towel.   v V stands for Vine, for Virtue, and Vowel.   w W stands for Whale, for Waggon, and Wing.   x X stands for Xerxes, the great Persian King.   y Y stands for Yew Tree, for Youth, and for Yellow.   z Z stands for Zany, a foolish Young Fellow. R.H. PEASE, ENGRAVER ON WOOD, AND PUBLISHER OF GAMES AND TOY BOOKS. GAMES. HISTORICAL AMUSEMENT, a Game on the Kings and distiguished individuals of England; the most instructive and entertaining game published. MODERN GAME OF DOMINOS, an amusing and instructive game. CHINESE CHECKERS. CHRISTMAS CIRCLES. A new game of the Distinguished Men of the United States nearly ready; and several other new games will be published soon. ALPHABETS, in a variety of styles, put on strong Cards, and Wood Blocks, to serve as Playthings and means of Instruction. FOR SALE, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. The greatest possible variety of Fancy Goods, Perfumery, Fancy Stationery, Games, Toys &c, &c.   ...
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