U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1973 January - June

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Excerpt RENEWAL REGISTRATIONS A list of books, pamphlets, serials, and contributions to periodicals for which renewal registrations were made during the period covered by this issue. Arrangement is alphabetical under the name of the author or issuing body or, in the case of serials and certain other works, by title. Information relating to both the original and the renewal registration is included in each entry. References from the names of renewal claimants, joint authors, editors, etc. and from variant forms are interfiled. AARON, MICHAEL.   Michael Aaron piano course, grade 2.    © 31Dec45; AA1642. Michael Aaron    (A); 12Feb73; R547541. ABBA, DOV BEN-. SEE BEN-ABBA, DOV. ABBOTT, ANTHONY, pseud. SEE OURSLER,  CHARLES FULTON. ABBOTT, FRANK A.   Mary Patten's daughters. SEE ABBOTT,    JANE. ABBOTT, JANE. Mary Patten's daughters. © 20Apr45; A187205. Frank A. Abbott (C); 19Apr73; R550352. ABBOTT, LEONARD DALTON, ed. Masterworks of economics; digests of 10 great classics. (Masterworks series) © 18Apr46; A2623. Copeland & Lamm, Inc. (PWH); 27Apr73; R551612. ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST, CONSOLIDATED  EDITION. Cumulative pamphlet.  © West Pub. Co. & Lawyers Co-operative  Pub. Co. (PWH)   Nov45. © 16Nov45; AA499439. 26Feb73;    R546020. ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST, CONSOLIDATED  EDITION. Vol.1, 40-42, 1945 cumulative  annual pocket part. © 25Oct45;  AA498852. West Pub. Co. & Lawyers  Co-operative Pub. Co. (PWH); 26Feb73; R546010. ABBOTT NEW YORK DIGEST, CONSOLIDATED EDITION.  Vol.2-39, 1945 annual  pocket part. © 25Oct45; AA498853.  West Pub. Co. & Lawyers Co-operative  Pub. Co. (PWH); 26Feb73; R546011. ABRAMS, HARRY.   My favorite birthday book. Illustrated    with Persian miniatures by    Mahmond Sayah. © 14Jul45; A188903.    Harry Abrams (A); 15Jan73; R543869. ABRAMS (MORRIS) INC. Catalog no. 45. Appl. author: Weinberg & McKee, Inc. © 1Mar45; A188910. Weinberg & McKee, Inc. (PWH); 26Feb73; R546975. ABRASIVE MACHINE & SUPPLY CO.   Supply catalog. Appl. author: Weinberg    & McKee, Inc. © 8Apr46;    A2762. Weinberg & McKee, Inc.    (PWH); 29May73; R552759. ACADEMIC PRESS, INC. SEE ADVANCES IN CARBOHYDRATE CHEMISTRY. ADVANCES IN PROTEIN CHEMISTRY. VITAMINS AND HORMONES: ADVANCES IN RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS. ACADEMY OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, NEW YORK. World organization; economic, political and social. Edited by John A. Krout. (Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, v.21. no.3, May 1945) © 19May45; AA484402. Academy of Political Science (PWH); 5Mar73; R547130. ACKERKNECHT, ERWIN H. Malaria in the upper Mississippi Valley, 1760-1900; supplements to the Bulletin of the history of medicine. © 16Feb45; AA481584. Erwin H. Ackerknecht (A); 22Jan73; R544380. ADAMIC, LOUIS. A nation of nations. First pub. serially in Woman's day magazine July 1944-June 1945. NM: pref., chap. 2 & 4, notes, revisions & additions. © 7Nov45; A191132. Stan Adamic (NK); 24Jan73; R547611....
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