U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1974 January - June

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Excerpt RENEWAL REGISTRATIONS A list of books, pamphlets, serials, and contributions to periodicals for which renewal registrations were made during the period covered by this issue. Arrangement is by registration number; as renewal registrations are numbered continuously for all classes, there will be breaks in the sequence for any given type of material. Information relating to both the original and the renewal registration is included in each entry. R544094. Superman. (In Action comics, Apr. 1945) © 13Feb45; B665115. National Periodical Publications, Inc. (PWH); 10Jan73; R544094. R544102. Superman. (In Action comics, May 1945) © 13Mar45; B669019. National Periodical Publications, Inc. (PWH); 10Jan73; R544102. R544111. Superman. (In Action comics, June 1945) © 16Apr45; B675791. National Periodical Publications, Inc. (PWH); 10Jan73; R544111. R544125. Superman. (In Action comics, July 1945) © 14May45; B677906. National Periodical Publications, Inc. (PWH); 10Jan73; R544125. R544137. Superman. (In Action comics, Aug. 1945) © 12Jun45; B681096. National Periodical Publications, Inc. (PWH); 10Jan73; R544137. R561876.  A Woman's place. By Victoria Case.(In Saturday evening post, Aug. 24,1946) © 21Aug46; B34888. VictoriaCase (A); 29Oct73; R561876. (See alsoA Woman's place; 24Jun74; R579911) R561878.  Applesauce needs sugar. By VictoriaCase. (In Saturday evening post,Oct. 26, 1946) © 23Oct46; B43730.Victoria Case (A); 29Oct73; R561878.(See also Applesauce needs sugar;24Jun74; R579912) R563555.  A Pocketful of pebbles. By JanStruther, pseud. of Joyce MaxtoneGraham. © 6Jun46; A4458. Adolf KurtPlaczek (E); 8Nov73; R563555. (Seealso A Pocketful of pebbles; 24May74;R577988) R566183.  This bright dream. By StephenVincent Benet. (In The Last circle)© 18Nov46; A8670. Thomas C. Benet,Rachel Benet Lewis & Stephenie BenetMahin (PPW); 20Dec73; R566183. R566219. Vogue patterns; catalog, February 1947. By Ruth Seder Cooke. © 24Dec46; A9471. The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH); 4Jan74; R566219. R566220.  Hollywood patterns; pamphlet,January 1947. By Ruth Seder Cooke.© 2Dec46; AA29497. The Conde NastPublications, Inc. (PWH); 4Jan74;R566220. R566221.  Hollywood patterns; catalog,January 1947. By Ruth Seder Cooke.© 2Dec46; AA29498. The Conde NastPublications, Inc. (PWH); 4Jan74;R566221. R566222.  Vogue patterns; pamphlet,January 15, 1947. By Ruth SederCooke. © 10Dec46; AA29994. TheConde Nast Publications, Inc. (PWH);4Jan74; R566222. R566223.  Vogue patterns; pamphlet, February 1,1947. By Ruth Seder Cooke. © 24Dec46;AA40700. The Conde Nast Publications,Inc. (PWH); 4Jan74; R566223. R566224.  Vogue first of the month collection,February 1947. By Ruth Seder Cooke.© 24Dec46; AA40701. The Conde NastPublications, Inc. (PWH); 4Jan74;R566224. R566256.  Obits. By A. J. Liebling. (InThe New Yorker, Jan. 19, 1946)© 17Jan46; B3291. Jean StaffordLiebling (W); 19Dec73; R566256. R566257.  Mayor into columnist....
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