U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1975 January - June

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Excerpt BOOKS & PAMPHLETS Renewals [* 2 non-renewal entries *] R591203. Lethal lady. By Rufus King, Prev. pub. in Redbook magazine, May 1947, as The Lady said "if." © on revisions & additions; 13Nov47; A19238. Walter Young (E); 20Nov74; R591203. R592128.  Fairest of all. By Roberta Courtland,pseud. of Peggy Gaddis. © 12Mar47;A11438. Gramercy Publishing Company(PWH); 6Dec74; R592128. R593668. IBM electric punched card accounting machines, customer engineering manual of instruction, alphabetical verifier type 055. By Donald Harold Saxton. © 5Sep47; A67043. International Business Machines Corporation (PWH); 20Dec74; R593668. R594360. Humor in science fiction. By L. Sprague De Camp. (In Of Worlds beyond: the science of science-fiction writing) © 30Aug47; A15696. L. Sprague De Camp (A); 2Jan75; R594360. R594366. Easter Island. By Philip Freund. © 29May47; A13534. Philip Freund (A); 2Jan75; R594366. R594367.  Tarzan the protector. By Edgar RiceBurroughs. (Tarzan, no. 0874) (In Unitedfeature comics. Dec. 05, 1947) © 5Dec47;B5-5682. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.(PWH); 2Jan75; R594367. R594368.  Cut into the open. By Edgar RiceBurroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2593) (In Unitedfeature comics, Dec. 05, 1947) © 5Dec47;B5-5683. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.(PWH); 2Jan75; R594368. R594369.  New adventure ahead. By Edgar RiceBurroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2594) (In Unitedfeature comics. Dec. 05, 1947) © 5Dec47;B5-5684. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.(PWH); 2Jan75; R594369. R594370.  A Monster to be feared. By Edgar RiceBurroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2595) (In Unitedfeature comics, Dec. 05, 1947) © 5Dec47;B5-5685. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.(PWH); 2Jan75; R594370. R594371.  Charging to the fight. By Edgar RiceBurroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2596) (In Unitedfeature comics, Dec. 05. 1947) © 5Dec47;B5-5686. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.(PWH); 2Jan75; R594371. R594372.  Danger rides hard. By Edgar RiceBurroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2597) (In Unitedfeature comics, Dec. 05, 1947) © 5Dec47;B5-5687. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.(PWH); 2Mar75; R594372. R594373. Demanding surrender. By Edgar Rice Burroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2598) (In United feature comics, Dec. 5, 1947) © 5Dec47; B5-5688. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. (PWH); 2Jan75; R594373. R594374.  To the village of the snake-men. ByEdgar Rice Burroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2599)(In United feature comics, Dec. 12, 1947)© 12Dec47; B5-5690. Edgar RiceBurroughs, Inc. (PWH); 2Jan75; R594374. R594375.  Through the gloomy swampland. By EdgarRice Burroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2600) (InUnited feature comics, Dec. 12, 1947)© 12Dec47; B5-5691. Edgar RiceBurroughs, Inc. (PWH); 2Jan75; R594375. R594376.  The Search for Jana goes on. By EdgarRice Burroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2601) (InUnited feature comics, Dec. 12, 1947)© 12Dec47; B5-5692. Edgar RiceBurroughs, Inc. (PWH); 2Jan75; R594376. R594377.  The Horrible Horibs attack. By EdgarRice Burroughs. (Tarzan, no. 2602) (InUnited feature comics, Dec. 12, 1947)© 12Dec47; B5-5693....
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