U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1975 July - December

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Excerpt BOOKS & PAMPHLETS Renewals [* 12 non-renewal entries *] [* 12 non-renewal entries *] [* 2 non-renewal entries *] R600316. Jessup-Redfield law and practice in the surrogates' courts in the State of New York. Vol. 1-2. By Edwin M. Bohm. © on additions & revisions; 28Apr47; A12547. Baker, Voorhis and Company, Inc. (PWH); 14Mar75; R600316. (See also Jessup-Redfield law and practice in the surrogates' court in the State of New York; 16Apr75; R603113) R600936.  The Nine bad shots of golf. By JamesDante, Leo Diegel & L. M. Elliott.© 7Apr47; A11854. Jim (James) Dante & L.M. Elliott (A); 19Mar75; R600936. R601907. Vernon's Annotated revised civil and criminal statutes of the State of Texas. Feb. 1948 cumulative pamphlet. By Vernon Law Book Company, employer for hire. © 26Feb48; AA77703. West Publishing Company (PWH); 10Apr75; R601907. R601945.  Michigan community property. By ArthurE. Moore. © 29Mar48; A22006. WestPublishing Company (PWH); 10Apr75;R601945. R601948.  Come play house. By Edith Osswald &Eloise Wilkin. © 8Mar48; A16757.Western Publishing Company, Inc. (PWH);28Mar75; R601948. R601949.  A Year on the farm. By Lucy SpragueMitchell & Richard Floethe. © 8Mar48;A23293. Western Publishing Company, Inc.(PWH); 28Mar75; R601949. R601951.  The Magic cricket. By Erika Weihs &Harpor, pseud. of Cyrus Porter & Zola E.Harvey. © 24Mar48; AA77807. WesternPublishing Company, Inc. (PWH); 28Mar75;R601951. R602103.  Old friends? By Edgar Rice Burroughs.(Tarzan, no. 2676) (In United featurecomics. Mar. 5, 1948) © 5Mar48; B5-6048.Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. (PWH); 9Apr75;R602103. R602481.  Props and property. By Mary McCarthy.(In Partisan review, Jan. 1948) © 1Jan48;B115900. Mary McCarthy (A); 7Apr75;R602481. R606838.  De Marigny's famous finger. Pt. 1. ByErle Stanley Gardner. (In Argosy, Apr.1948) © 19Mar48; B127413. Jean BethellGardner (W); 4Jun75; R606838. R608297. Pacific; an epic poem. By Richard Lemen Feldman. NM: changes to 2 lines. © 1Jan48; AA76210. Richard Lemen Feldman (A); 7Jul75; R608297. R608299.  Magic with small apparatus; or, AThousand tricks in one suitcase. Vol. 1.By Jules Dhotel, translated by PaulFleming Gemmill. NM: translation.© 10Sep47; A16046. Paul Fleming Gemmill(A); 11Jul75; R608299. R608302.  Georgia clay. By Hazel Higgins Gobay.© 22Mar48; A16858. Hazel Higgins Gobay(A); 3Jul75; R608302. R608303. Saga in steel and concrete: Norwegian engineers in America. By Kenneth Bjork. © 3Nov47; A16103. The Norwegian-American Historical Association (PWH); 2Jul75; R608303. R608305. Three ways to Mecca. By Edwin Corle. © 11Jun47; A14125. Jean A. Corle (W); 7May75; R608305. R608306.  Math is fun. By Joseph DeGrazia.© 26Apr48; A22297. Maria M. Von DeGrazia (W); 10Jul75; R608306. R608310. The Kiss of death. By Eleazar Lipsky. © 29Aug47; A17085. Eleazar Lipsky (A); 7Apr75; R608310. R608311.  Riddle of the hidden pesos....
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