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Excerpt BOOKS & PAMPHLETS Renewals [* 12 non-renewal entries *] [* 6 non-renewal entries *] R636003.  Exhibition of original paintings. ByChristine Louise Richards. © 27Aug48;AA94699. Christine Louise Richards (A);1Jul76; R636003. R636011. Smith's Bible dictionary. By William Smith, additions & revisions by the John C. Winston Company editorial staff. NM: revisions & additions. © 15Jul48; A24113. The Zondervan Corporation (PWH); 1Jul76; R636011. R636012.  Great missionaries to the Orient. ByJohn Theodore Mueller. © 17Sep48;A25683. Marilyn Mueller (C); 1Jul76;R636012. R636013. Peloubet's Bible dictionary. By Francis N. Peloubet, revisions & additional illus. by the John C. Winston Company editorial staff. NM: revisions & additional illus. © 26Aug48; A28113. The Zondervan Corporation (PWH); 1Jul76; R636013. R636014.  Spurgeon's Morning and evening. ByDavid Otis Fuller. © 17Nov48; A28274.David Otis Fuller (A); 1Jul76; R636014. R636015.  Pastor's record book. By the John C.Winston Company editorial staff.© 9Aug49; AA91680. The ZondervanCorporation (PWH); 1Jul76; R636015. R636016.  A book review by Henry Louis Mencken ofAmerican names, by Henry Gannett. (In TheMississippi Valley historical quarterly,June 1948). © 16Jul48; B145760.Mercantile-Safe Deposit and Trust Company(E); 1Jul76; R636016. R636020. The Wheels of if and other science fiction. By L. Sprague De Camp. NM: compilation, foreword & about the author. © 20Jan49; A29470. L. Sprague De Camp (A); 2Jul76; R636020. R636021.  Throwback. By L. Sprague De Camp. (InAstounding science fiction, Mar. 1949)NM: original text of short story.© 15Feb49; B181852. L. Sprague De Camp(A); 2Jul76; R636021. R636022. The Home place. By Wright Morris. © 19Jul48; A25981. Wright Morris (A); 2Jul76; R636022. R636026. Ball blue book of home canning, preserving and freezing. Prev. reg. AA18904 & others. NM: additions. © 7Feb49; AA110135. Ball Corporation (PWH); 2Jul76; R636026. R636032.  Martyrs of the Oblong and Little Nine.By DeCost Smith. © 15Jun48; A23897. TheCaxton Printers, Ltd. (PPW); 9Jun76;R636032. R636033. Mountain man. By Verne Bright. © 30Jul48; A25958. Verne Bright (A); 9Jun76; R636033. R636034.  Crooked house. By Agatha Christie. (InHearst's international cosmopolitan, Oct.1948) © 1Oct48; B157093. Max Mallowan(Wr) & Rosalind Hicks (C); 12Jul76;R636034. R636035.  Sporting blood. Pt. 3. By PhilipWylie. (In Saturday evening post, Dec.18, 1948) © 15Dec48; B171174. FredericaWylie (W); 12Jul76; R636035. R636037. Moore and Oglebay on corporate reorganization; a treatise on the law and practice under chapter 10, section 10 1-276 of the National bankruptcy act. By James William Moore & Robert Stephen Oglebay. © 6Jul48; A24044. Matthew Bender and Company, Inc. (PWH); 2Jul76; R636037. R636038.  The Pumpkin shell. By CharlotteArmstrong. (In Ladies' home journal,Sept. 1948) © 27Aug48; B152272. JackLewi (Wr); 7Jun76; R636038....
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