U.S. Copyright Renewals, 1977 July - December

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Excerpt BOOKS & PAMPHLETS Renewals [* 3.5 non-renewal entries *] R630461. Law, totalitarianism and democracy. By Sidney Post Simpson, Julius Stone & M. Magdalena Schoch. (Cases and readings on law and society, book 3) © 24Mar49; A31620. West Publishing Company (PWH); 5Apr76; R630461. R634090.  Cradle rhymes. By Gladys M. Horn &Rachel Taft Dixon. © 5May49; A33932.Western Publishing Company, Inc. (PWH);28May76; R634090. R649511.  Paterson. Book 3. By William CarlosWilliams. © 7Dec49; A39037. WilliamEric Williams & Paul Williams (C);17Dec76; R649511. R665397.  Colorizer album of deeptone colors. ByRichard Summers Bennett. © 8Jan50;AA167141. Colorizer Associates (PWH);5Jul77; R665397. R665420.  Outlaw Valley. By Charles N. Heckelmann.© 25Apr50; A51063. Charles N.Heckelmann (A); 8Jul77; R665420. R665421.  Danger rides the range. By Charles N.Heckelmann. © 25Apr50; A51064. CharlesN. Heckelmann (A); 8Jul77; R665421. R665422.  Hold me fast. By Cecile Gilmore.Slightly shortened version prev. pub. inMcCall's. © 20Jan50; A40442. CecileGilmore (A); 22Jun77; R665422. R665423.  Once upon a summer. By Natalie Shipman.Slightly shortened version prev. pub. 1948in Redbook. © 20Jan50; A40443. NatalieShipman (A); 22Jun77; R665423. R665424. Wayward heart. By Alice Lent Covert. Shortened version prev. pub. 1947 in Redbook as Only the heart can answer. © 1Mar50; A41706. Alice Lent Covert (A); 22Jun77; R665424. R665425. Mirror of time. By Phyllis Arthur, pseud. of Natalie Shipman. Slightly shortened version prev. pub. 1947 in Redbook. © 15Apr50; A43168. Natalie Shipman (pseud.: Phyllis Arthur) (A); 22Jun77; R665425. R665426. Doomrock. By Archie Joscelyn. © 15Apr50; A43169. Archie Joscelyn (A); 22Jun77; R665426. R665427. Mine to love. By Elsie Mack. © 15Apr50; A43170. Elsie Mack (A); 22Jun77; R665427. R665430.  The New York times index. Vol. 37, no.11, June 1-15. 1949. Compiled by JosephC. Gephart. © 6Jul49; AA122462. The NewYork Times Company (PWH); 24Jun77;R665430. R665431.  The New York times index. Vol. 37, no.12, June 16-30, 1949. Compiled by JosephC. Gephart. © 22Jul49; AA123824. TheNew York Times Company (PWH); 24Jun77;R665431. R665461.  Eloquent Indian. By John BernardMcGloin. © 8Dec49; A39261. John BernardMcGloin (A); 22Jun77; R665461. R665462.  International commodity stockpiling. ByMerrill K. Bennett. © 19Dec49; A39334.The Board of Trustees of the LelandStanford Junior University (PWH);22Jun77; R665462. R665463.  The Lives of William Hartnell BySusanna Bryant Dakin. © 27Dec49; A39465.Henry S. Dakin (C); 22Jun77; R665463. R665464.  Native arts of the Pacific Northwest.by Robert Tyler Davis. © 16Dec49;A39599. Robert Tyler Davis (A); 22Jun77;R665464. R665465.  Les Plaisirs du voyage. By PierreBenoit. © 10Feb50; AFO-1264. RobertEsmenard (E); 24Jun77; R665465. R665466.  Chronique des pauvres amants. By VascoPratolini, translation: Eugenie Luccioni.Add. ti: Cronache di poveri amanti....
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